I giudizi per l’Hotel Centrale Roma: “I strongly recommend this hotel”

TripAdvisorLogoMy intended stay was Fri through Tues for an academic conference. I arrived in the late morning from my overnight flight to find the concierge very friendly and accommodating. He checked that my room was ready and allowed me to check in early so I could get some much-needed rest before heading out to the conference. The room, though tiny (a single) was comfortable and clean. And although the internet was touchy at times, I understand it’s because it resets after a couple hours and you need to re-sign in.
By Sat night, I wasn’t feeling well, and the gentlemen at the desk translated my symptoms into Italian so that I could go to the hospital. I ended up having to have an emergency surgery and needed to extend my stay. Although I was only supposed to stay till Tues I ended up needing several more nights, including one in which there was no availability. After some conversation between the management and a colleague of mine, they managed to make it work out so I didn’t have to switch hotels immediately after being released from the hospital on Wed. When I got back to my room, I found fruit and bread and juice and yogurt waiting for me! They were determined to make sure I was well taken care of while on the mend! By Thurs evening and through Fri I was doing much better and able to explore some of the city. I will be forever grateful for the kindness of Jean-Pierro, Luca, Carla and the others who helped turn what could have been a nightmare into a very pleasant Roman Holiday. I strongly recommend this hotel not only for the cleanliness, cozy decor, and locale, but for the absolutely fantastic customer service!


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